Meet the directors

​Kelly Mos

Introducing Kelly Mos, 23-year-old artist based in the Netherlands. Graduated from the Dance Academy in Utrecht, mainly focused on street styles. Besides teaching (private) classes, participating in shows, giving workshops and creating her own art; her main focus is to create from her own inner source. Meaning: she doesn’t want to feel obligated to be a certain way, or what societal/cultural expectations & pressures has been trying to put upon every human being. She wants to create from a place of honesty and vulnerability. For herself. And with her (higher) self. This is a journey of self-discovery and for accepting and fully taking the potential of the always constantly evolving – self. This is one of the many reasons she wanted to create this piece and share it with all of you. Creating the dance-theater show with Joy Bots called ‘’SELF’’. 

‘’An empty void of the unknown with unlimited potential’’

Joy Bots

​Joy Bots, 23-year-old artist based in the Netherlands. Joy has been dancing since she was 11 years old and now also does theater and writes poetry. She played in multiple performances at DOX while she studied and is now graduated from the dance academy, Creative college, in Utrecht. All those experiences made her soul glow, she got motivated to direct her own performances. Her main goal is to make people think, to let people grow and make them conscious about themselves. She doesn't wants to live a life like the society wants us to, she wants to create her own reality where she and others can become their authentic self. A big part of her journey is about self development. Growing to her fullest potential, the purest version of herself. How to connect with her higher self? For this, you need to be very open and honest to yourself, being okay with falling down a lot. "This is a journey with no celebration line, learning never stops, and so will falling down. But if you believe in yourself, you will always get up stronger! So believe in yourself okay? I send you power and love, that is already within you!"