Do you feel like you’re stuck living in patterns?

​Hey, we do too. Think about it. Your own loops and rhythms. How much are you living outside your subconscious mind?

Did you even know that we usually operate from  our subconscious mind for 95% of the time? Fun fact, huh?In addition to this 95%, in this theater-dance show we also want to touch the other 5%. 

You can become aware of your subconscious mind, make it conscious and bring awareness to it. If you bring awareness to your subconscious, you can make choices to step out of your own cycles, even if they’ve been there for years. Being honest with yourself is the most important thing. Confront your feelings and emotions, face your wounds and find healing from there. 

We believe that you can live closer to your own core, feel powerful in your vulnerability and live life to your most authentic self. 

Our names are Joy Bots & Kelly Mos, and we consciously present to you our interdisciplinary dance-theater performance.  

In our show we dance, act, sing, rap and use self-written lyrics. Show SELF contains multiple music genres, ambiance, experimental, hip hop, beats, drum and bass, r&b and live musicians! 

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