Evelien Terwijn

Evelien/ZWEVELiEN is a 23 years old artist living in Hilversum. Art always had her heart since she was very young. Being creative is a part of her soul and she always finds ways to express herself through it with a deepest form of love and peace. For example making music, writing spoken word, she has studied a dance education and also fell in love with studying her inner self to eventually reach her highest self. That's also why she feels very connect to the journey, message and whole energy of this production Self.

Leonie van Galen Suarez

Leonie, also known as Meraki is 26 year old Dutch/Colombian dancer that is based in Amsterdam. With her background in vogue and waacking she brings a powerful feminine force to the floor. Meraki shares a great passion for mother nature, spirituality and personal development. Therefor, dancing in this production feels perfectly alligned with her personal path at the moment!

Raoul Gravenbeek

Raoul Gravenbeek, Also know as 'Lucci' is 28 years old dancer of Surinamese descent living in Utrecht. Representing the crew 'V-Maffia'. Raoul has been active in the dance sector for ten years.
In the theater field, Raoul has collaborated (as a performing dancer) with parties such as Irc, Freedomcity and HNT-Jong.
Raoul would like to participate in this project because of the themes that are addressed in the show. Furthermore, Raoul thinks that the group and choreographers are interesting to work with. In addition, he also thinks it would be nice to see what he can add to the show.

Luc de Raad

My name is Luc de Raad, I’m 27 years old and I’m a dancer that started dancing street styles like Hip Hop and House but who is also known with styles such as Contemporary. I like to combine different dance styles to create new ways and shapes of movement. My motivation to be a part of this new theatre creation mostly is because I really connect with the concept. It really spoke to me because I’ve always been very interested in spirituality and the road of trying to be the best version of yourself.

Neo Jansen

My name is Neo. I am a dancer with the main style Hip hop. I graduated from the Dance School in Utrecht. As a dancer I am now expanding myself in dance by training different styles and trying new things that have to do with dance. Don't have much experience in the art profession yet but I'm interested in it. Personally, I would like to watch and participate more in dance theater and that is one of the reasons I was interested in participating in the show. I found the theme that the show is about very interesting and fits the path I am currently walking as a dancer and person.

Keshaw Manna

My name is Keshaw Manna, I am born and raised in The Hague in the Netherlands. I have over 15 years of dance experience. From contemporary and ballet to breakdance and hiphop dance. Now i am active in the workfield as an artist and I am excited and grateful to be a part of the show "SELF". Why I want to participate in this piece is because i think it is going to be a great Journey of revelation. For yourself and the people i will be working with. A deeper understanding of different layers of yourself and your surroundings.


Dylan Kuyper (Producer)
Locuchu is a producer, DJ, live artist and composer of electronic music based in the Netherlands. His music is a mix of heavy and calm sounds, built with strong rhythms that takes listeners on a journey, allowing them to explore the depths of their inner selves. Locuchu's music tells stories through a variety of electronic genres and he encourages his listeners to "dive deep into the infinite space of time."

I love music, music is my breath. The reason why I wanted to produce a song for the theater performance 'self' is because there was room to fully express myself as a producer/person. Few but clear guidelines that immediately fueled me for inspiration. They really asked me about my qualities. The creators of Self are deep thinkers and I immediately had the confidence that I could supplement that layer with my artistic knowledge of music. With this production I take you, the viewer, on a fraught journey that will make you move when you allow it.

Yanna Notterman
(Live musician)

Yanna, a 22-year-old artist based in the Netherlands, possesses a profound desire to convey narratives through her music. Her background in theater and classical piano forms the foundation of her creativity, which she masterfully translates into her own unique sounds and colors.

Seated at the grand piano, Yanna invites you to explore her enchanting realm—a world where dreams and emotions are vividly portrayed through her music. Her skilled touch on the piano keys serves as a guide, leading listeners on a captivating journey through her imaginative landscapes and the depths of her emotional experiences.

Marcel Kouwenhoven
(Live musician)

My name is Marcel, and I am a versatile multi-instrumentalist, creator, and performer. Currently, I am studying at the Conservatory in Utrecht, where I continue to develop and refine my musical skills.

My creative journey has led me to various interdisciplinary projects where I combine my love for music with other forms of art. I have created music for a fashion show, collaborated on an interactive art piece, contributed to podcasts and music, provided soundscapes for spoken word performances, and have been performing with my collective, Bovenste Knoopje Open, in theaters for several years. I enjoy working with people from different disciplines, as this often results in beautiful collaborations.

As a creator, I am inspired by the power of association, catharsis, and texture, and I am always looking for new ways to integrate these elements into my art.

I am looking forward to being a part of this exciting project and contributing creatively to the diverse world of art.